MarketingRenaissance provides copywriting and marketing services exclusively to companies in the Health & Wellness Industry.

Copywriting services include: 

  • Advertisements and Advertorials
  • News Releases and Newsletters
  • Direct Mail packages and Sales Letters
  • Web campaigns, including Emails, PPC Ads, and Landing Pages
  • Sales Collateral

Additional Services Include:

Copy Critique

If you think that you need a fresh perspective on your copy, a copy critique is an effective option.

With a copy critique your copy undergoes a detailed review. You get specific recommendations on how to improve it, and an explanation for each recommendation.

Spanish Copy Critique 

Many companies market their products to the Hispanic Market and to Latin American countries. There are two common issues that many companies run into.

Many times the translator uses a Spanish dialect and idioms from their native country instead of the proper language. Also, because translators are not copywriters, frequently the translation loses the tone and exact message that the company wants to convey to their prospects and clients.  My critique can ensure that all of the copy is in proper Spanish.

Regulatory Compliance Review

Numerous nutritional supplement companies rely on my expertise in FTC and FDA guidelines. In addition to writing new copy, she also reviews existing copy to ensure compliance.

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